Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lovable Climate Change Skeptics

There are many ways to interact with a global warming skeptic. One site offers "How to Talk to a Skeptic" line by line.

But I don't recall ever being approached by a skeptic who said "please tell me how wrong I am." We all have a given amount of energy and we have to decide where to invest it.

I have 3 very dear friends who are pronounced skeptics each for vastly different reasons. I have another 3,000 friends who are not skeptics, but it is these 3 that vex me sometimes because I LIKE them and RESPECT them for being wonderful, intelligent, humorous, kind people. One is an astrophysicist PhD and dean, one is a modern day medicine man who was also my doula, and one is a brilliant metal artist.

As a teacher I strive to give people the tools to development discernment of the truth. But those people have paid tuition which implies they have asked for my direction in their development. My three amigos have not asked that of me.

So how do I deal with those 3 people? I LIKE and RESPECT them. They don't have to think like me, read what I read, live like I do - they can just be themselves. They are perfectly wonderful people. Occasionally I tease them I will prepare a delicious dinner of Roasted Crow for them to eat. But then again, I may have to eat my own cooking and if that happens I can only hope they will be as gracious to me as I strive to be to them now.

There are few issues that warrant damaging or limiting relationships especially when those relationships are so highly prized.


  1. I guess I have a question: how is their skepticism affecting their actions? Are they prone to running the fireplace and the A/C at the same time? Are they trying vigorously to convert others to the Skepticism way of thinking?

  2. the only skeptics I see vigorously trying to convert others are the ones funded by Exxon.