Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learning Composting

I teach myself as I teach others. I have had very little experience with composting table scraps. I found this used compost barrel for $25 and considered it an expense no worse than a textbook. I am still making my first load of dirt and not sure I'm doing it entirely right. It has attracted gnats. I mistakenly included my eggs shells and that may be the problem. My gardening consultant now tells me the round style compost makers of wire that sit on the ground are better and easier. Turning this handle every day SEEMED like a good idea at the time but summer vacation plans have prevented me from turning it properly everyday. I'm not giving up. Yet. But I'm not persevering forward anymore. I stopped saving food scraps until I figure it out. I'm learning too. I would probably sell it for $20 in a heartbeat.

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