Friday, February 6, 2009

Jane's Brain

I read. There, you have my secret. I read about things I don't already know about. I read when I don't have to. I read for fun. I read outside my field and outside my comfort zone. People who gravitate toward sustainability have high tolerance for ambiguity. I haven't learned my cutting edge knowledge from classes on campus; I've learned it by reading the writings of the most brilliant thought leaders of our time. My goal as an educator is to give my students exposure to those sources. Someone pointed the way for me and it is my turn to point for others.

I had an educator tell me one time that "you can lead a horse to water and though you can't make him drink but you can sure make him thirsty." Grades create thirst, but I hope that some how there is a deeper thirst in a person, that they find the drive to learn in order to improve themselves and improve their ability to affect their world for the better.

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